The SonoFAST pad incorporates innovative polymer technology allowing for optimal ultrasound image quality and residue free gliding across the patient’s skin. The single use pads are individually packaged to ensure cleanliness and eliminate the risk of cross contamination. A unique packaging design enables the physician to effortlessly apply the pad using a single hand.

  • Seamless Integration

    The pads come in various sizes to fit the needs of different probes. They allow for standard ultrasound techniques without the need for additional training.

  • Minimal Friction Surface

    SonoFAST's slippery surface layer enables physicians to easily glide across patient’s skin without leaving residue.

  • Conductive Polymer Body

    The conductive polymer body transmits 99.8% of sound waves into the body in order to obtain beautiful, clear ultrasound images.

  • Adhesive Backing

    The adhesive underside of the pad easily attaches to the probe without leaving a residue when removed.


  • Easy Access

    The SonoFAST storage unit is compatible with all ultrasound machines and can be attached for easy accessibility.

  • Optimal Packet Design

    The peel and stick packet is easy to open and the pad can be applied to the probe using one hand.