SonoFAST replaces messy, cold ultrasound gel with a comfortable polymer pad
Each SonoFAST pad is individually packaged to ensure a clean environment, eliminating the risk of cross contamination. It does not leave residue on the probe or patient’s skin.
Minimal contact surface area provides increased patient comfort without the need of warming techniques.
The single use pad attaches to the probe and is easily removed after each exam. The pad never needs to be replaced during the procedure.
Fixing a Messy
In all areas of the hospital, ultrasound gel is causing a mess. SonoFAST makes life easier for both the physician and the patient.

SonoFAST saves time by eliminating the need to reapply ultrasound gel, clean the patient and clean the probe during an exam.

No Re-application
No Cleaning of Probe
No Cleaning of Patient

The SonoFAST pad provides bright, high quality images.

Traditional Gel
Using the SonoFAST pad does not result in any loss of quality or image distortion compared to your standard ultrasound gel. The pad creates a consistent, sharp image throughout the entire procedure.